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Warming up and cooling down

Another really important consideration that will protect your dog from injury and something that many people do not do. We will show you how to warm up and cool down effectively.

Protection from injuries while running

Injuries are always possible with an active lifestyle, but the benefits far outweigh the risks. Paws can get sore if running on rough surfaces, so paw wax  is a good idea.

Wet dogs should be towel dried before being put into a car to stop them getting cold. Ensure your dogs never come close to overheating. Be aware of your dog’s breed, fitness level, ambient temperature and humidity before running.

Increasing core strength can improve your dog’s performance, lessen the probability of injuries and increase their enjoyment of the sport.

Making sure harnesses fit well is very important, as is making sure bungees and other equipment are in good condition to prevent any failure.


A working dog’s nutrition may need to be adjusted to meet his additional requirements. A raw diet may well be appropriate. Always look for a diet that lists a named meat as the first ingredient.  A performance or premium brand may be best.  Supplementation should not be necessary unless a great deal of work is undertaken.

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Dog Health

There are several elements involved in canine health for bikejor and scooter. These include:

Getting an unfit dog fit and increasing fitness in already fit dog

If you are at all unsure of your dog’s ability to start running do seek advice from your vet before you start. You will get lots of support and advice from them and from us.