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A little blurb about me :

I have always been a keen cyclist, whether commuting or taking part in many sponsored rides over the years. Kerstin introduced me to scootering around four years ago. This seemed the ideal activity for me and my very powerful Bracco Italiano, Rossi!

We progressed to bikejor at the beginning of 2015 and love it even more. We've taken part in several races, but will never win as Rossi has power rather than speed. He's also getting on a bit he's ten next year. My other dog is Hayden, a Wirehaired Viszla. I'll be phasing him in gradually so Rossi can retire. I wish I started this sport years ago....

I'm very interested in raising the profile of the sport, mainly so that we will be allowed access to more land.

I'm also a keen amateur bike mechanic and have also made my own bikejor arm and other bits and bobs.