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Like most of you my dogs are my life, my social calendar revolves around them especially in the winter months.

I came to Bikejor as an outlet for the dogs which then turned into a passion when I saw the effect it had on them. The ability to run together at a pace the dogs loved was a big drive for me and it has bonded us in a way that is hard to explain to those outside the sport.

As a natural progression we became competitive and soon had a few medals to our name, my two cross bred Mutts were clipping the heals of established teams. The chase was on!  I have trained and ride with two Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Siberian Huskies (the badger dogs) so don’t think you cannot be competitive if you don’t own a mainstream racing type.

I love the sport and the people and dogs that partake in it, its fun and everyone bands together no matter your experience. Must admit though I recognise the dogs before the riders (sorry for the blank looks if you speak to me without a dog)  saying that I have made some fantastic friends with a wealth of experience that have helped me no end.

So welcome to the fold where pictures of muddy legs, early morning rides, lots of happy people and there dogs, and sleep deprivation are the norm. yup we’re all nuts.