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After participating in a lot of sports over the years, including Cycling, Rugby and Squash, I started running in 2008, purely to keep some level of fitness.  Initially I ran alone, but after a few runs, my German Shorthaired Pointer Hendrix joined in with my runs, and they became a lot more fun.

In 2010 I entered my first road race (a 10k without Hendrix), and Hendrix became my chief training partner from then on – though our running together was always off-road. Gradually Canicross took over from road running, until eventually it became my sole sport, and I was a founding member of the Canicross club in Colchester. Hendrix was joined by Tess in 2013, and we had some great fun until all the running took a toll on my knees. At this point, I switched to Bikejor, initially with Hendrix and Tess, and later with Lottie in 2014.

In the summer of 2014, Kerstin and I formed Anglian Bikejor & Scooter as a Facebook group to promote the sport in the Anglian region. As it has grown, we have seen the need to formalise things a bit more, so from Sept 1st 2015, the group becomes a formal club - Anglian Bikejor and Scooter Club.

What about Hendrix? He is now 11, and has retired from Bikejor, though he still free runs with me while I cycle. Tess still Bikejors, while Lottie has become my number 1 training partner and Bikejor dog. In the wings I also now have Lexi, who is not old enough to join in yet – but is desperate to do so! - she will start in Sept 2016.

Over the years, I have gained a lot of practical knowledge of Running, Canicross and Bikejor, and have made a lot of friends and contacts across the dog-assisted sports that I love - if you have any questions, I'm sure I can get the answers for you!