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Scootering and bikejoring also started from a need to keep sled dogs fit between racing seasons, when there is no snow.

People soon realised that is a great way to be able to participate in dog-powered sports where snow is not guaranteed.

Daphne Lewis describes in her book (Dog Scooter - The Sport for Dogs Who Love To Run) an email from Tim White, a successful musher in the 1970s, in which he writes of his knowledge of the sport since 2004 in Australia.

Scootering (scooterjoring) and bikejoring.“Joring” means driving in Scandinavian languages. In these sports dogs pull a specially designed scooter or mountain bike with an attachment to keep the lines from getting tangled in the wheels.

If running more than two dogs, a three or even four wheeled dryland rig is the way to go; there is a picture of one below.

We hope to arrange scooter and bikejor runs on a Saturday morning. Some of us also run in the Manningtree and Clacton areas Monday/Wednesday/Friday evenings…So contact us if you would like to get involved!

Scooter & Bikejor